3 ways a trusted strategy advisor can help your business grow -Lloyd Johnson

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Recently, I read an article titled 3 ways a trusted strategy advisor can help your business grow published in the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal by Jim Molis. Being a strategic advisor myself, this article laid down ‘sound, reliable and intelligent strategies’ which I have adopted in my work for several years.

This articles focuses on the recommendations of Jaime Taets, strategic advisor of SafeNet on the different ways a strategic advisor can help in business development.

Although there are several different techniques adopted by strategic advisors in regards to business development, the central premise is that having a strategic advisor gives more time for the high-level leaders in the company to focus and spend more time in their area of expertise.

“Jaime has helped me see and relieve some of the duties that were holding us back.”

Being part of a company may blur ones vision to its “blind spots”. Thus, the first recommendation is that strategic advisors helps the business grow by giving a fresh and an outside perspective. They are “able to ask the hard questions and seek out the answers” and “help the business find the right path forward”, since they are not personally involved in the business.

For example, Keystone help SafeNet discover that their company could grow by hiring consultants with a similar skillset rather than spreading their resources over a wide range.

Secondly, a strategic advisor knows how to identify opportunities which helps the business move from “good to great”. They know what will obstruct ones goal, and help identify ways to overcome these hindrances.

For example, they form business plans, both long-term and short-term which helps reach a goal without being overwhelmed. Also accountability charts have been adopted by many strategic advisors which help them determine the level of involvement or control of people over one aspect in the business.

Thirdly, strategic advisors are involved in ‘tapping into key expertise and valuable resources across many business areas’. Thus, they are able to introduce new perspectives to create innovative solutions.

For example, by introducing a marketing officer to SafeNet, Keystone was able to identify weakness of the company and introduce those into the company whose skills would help them grow.

The article provides a detailed view into how strategic advisors help businesses grow. If you are curious regarding the various roles played by strategic advisors in helping business grow, read the full article here.




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