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Patricia Golden Webb, a cultural strategist, recently spoke at the Executive Women of Color Summit, hosted by the Leverage Network.

The EWOC Summit is a professional leadership and Board Governance conference designed to increase the representation of African American/Black women on boards and to enhance their leadership journey. They bring together some of the most dynamic, influential, and successful women in healthcare and corporate America to share candid, authentic conversations and lessons learned.

Patricia Golden Webb, a collaborative leader, and board member spoke about how to accelerate yourself to the C-suite.

“Everyone, but particularly women and women of color…

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I’m meeting with Jamie Covello at her stylish midtown Manhattan office. I’m eager to discuss her journey into the top ranks of the commercial real estate industry.

Jamie joined Avison Young in 2017. She has built a reputation for excellence and integrity and is nationally recognized as a leader in the real estate industry. Most recently Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield, she has 30+ years of extensive experience and expertise, working with local, national and global corporate clients.

Jamie Covello wasn’t always a real estate star. She started as a canvasser at a small brokerage firm at a time when…

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Several explanations may account for the lack of women in leadership positions. One possibility is that the pool of potential candidates is male dominated. An alternative explanation is that women are less likely to seek leadership positions because of family considerations or different job preferences. The imbalance may also be reinforced by self-fulfilling expectations, whereby the low representation of women at the top of the field discourages others to pursue careers in these fields. Finally, there may be gender-based discrimination in promotion decisions and the selection among potential candidates.

Which of these explanations is more relevant? And can corporate diversity…

Jamie Covello

At times, market indicators are in conflict with corporate objectives or treasury initiatives. It’s the story of the ‘elephant inconveniently in the room’. It’s my duty to shine a light on that big hairy animal, regardless of the discomfort it causes. Jamie Covello — Avison Young video by CoolBrands People

(auto-generated transcript)
Actually it’s the clients whose views I have challenged for the most loyal during those times when my instincts have led me to disagree there was always an economic or market trend which I was noticing at times market indicators are in conflict with corporate objectives or…

The BRCP program provides executives with a six-month strategic coaching program to ultimately position them for a suitable, rewarding board role. The objective is the development of an actionable plan and tools to accelerate an executive’s path to corporate board affiliation. We will provide highly capable and experienced resources including International Coaching Federation certified coaches, personal brand specialists, writing and research support, and access to its extensive network of executives and directors.
Read more.

I recently read an article published by McKinsey & Company, Adapting Customer Experience in the Time of Coronavirus, by Rachel Diebner, Elizabeth Silliman, Kelly Ungerman, and Maxence Vancauwenberghe. As a believer in creating customer-centric cultures for organizations, the key messages of this article resonated with me.

The pandemic has altered how we interact with customers, the methods we use to gain new customers, and how we retain existing customers. With this whirlwind of changes, it is only obvious that the customer experience itself needs to adapt to our new environment. Just marketing is no longer enough — building a satisfied…

My journey with the Black Corporate Board Readiness Program, part 1 of 4 — Merritt McKenzie

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” — Shirley Chisholm

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my journey with the Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR) Program.
I’m very excited that we will be having our first in-person social gathering with the cohort in Sonoma County, California, after having gone through the whole program virtually. I will make sure to share my key takeaways of that event here as well, so stay tuned.

As a lifelong learner, I’m passionate about advancing my knowledge in a variety of areas. Lately, I’ve been focused on…

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All business’ experience conflict, it is inevitable. Conflict in business can be extremely stressful and have an impact on the success of the business, but when it is a family business, the stakes are much higher. Family members in a business together tend to take their jobs very seriously and personally, therefore, conflict about the business can often lead to feelings of personal attacks. In order to take hold of a conflict and deescalate the situation, it is important to first understand the origins of conflict from a systematic approach.

I reviewed this systematic approach on conflict comprehension to provide…

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‘Health is wealth’ is not just a saying, it is a philosophy we should all live by. Money is not the only currency. As an entrepreneur, your health is a valuable asset that supports your ability to work, think, and perform properly.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It shouldn’t be skipped no matter how busy you are. As an entrepreneur, you should find time for yourself every day and just look out for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. …

At the Black Women Lead Virtual Town Hall event hosted by the All In Together organization, I had an opportunity to speak on what companies are failing at on their quest to include Black women. Inclusion does not stop once the talent is hired, but rather, that is where it starts.

Watch the video or read my comments below.

“Companies are doing an amazing job hiring Black women or intentionally trying to acquire Black talent. The challenge that I’m seeing is that once that talent is on board, there has to be purposeful and intentional development and more importantly…


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