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“While it’s critical to have a strong, healthy ego, an overdeveloped ego can quickly limit the growth of the leadership team and the company overall.” Bruce Eckfeldt, INC.

Ego is the ultimate enemy of leadership. I recently came across this article and it was a good reminder of this lesson for me. We all need to check ourselves from time to time because it is easy to slip into an unhealthy ego. It is good to evaluate, especially as a leader, if your ego has gotten the best of you.

Of course, some type of ego is necessary; as a…

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Even though diversity, equity and inclusion are widely discussed topics nowadays, there has been more conversation than there has been action in many companies. This lack of action has led to a frustrating delay in diversity, particularly in the C-suite and the board room. Oftentimes it requires boards of directors to step out of their comfort zones and to stop relying on their traditional ways of recruiting prospective directors and being more intentional about finding directors from underrepresented groups such as females or minority talent.

Boardroom diversity is being delayed for several reasons, but three of the biggest hurdles specifically…


Throughout my career working with ultra-high net worth families, the one consistent question I hear is: What are other families doing in this situation? How are other families successfully raising their children in an atmosphere of wealth to become competent and confident stewards of their wealth?

I have worked with many families of wealth over the course of my career. The beauty and the thrill of the work that I do is that every family is unique, like a snowflake; nevertheless, family challenges do fall into certain discernible patterns.

Looking back on the 8 years since I founded Wealth Legacy…

And just like that, summer has turned the page from June to July. Two thirds of our Summer of Tomorrow is yet ahead of us! Thank goodness.

As we reenter our more lively lives and work together to create a “new normal,” we’re inspired by a recent event in Paris (which is certainly well named as the City of Lights in terms of what happened there).

World leaders gathered at the Generation Equality Forum, convened by UN Women, government and corporate leaders to advance the goal of bringing more women to the table.

Turning on the light

The past year…

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Mobile ad spending on all digital platforms has risen from $21 billion in 2014 to over $90 billion worldwide mobile ad spending. Given these figures, it’s easy to understand how traditional media, including TV, is experiencing a steady decline in advertising revenues and viewership.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Google are the two companies with the most to gain from this shift.

These mobile and internet advertising trends don’t appear to be slowing, and it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where mobile ad revenue could surpass TV advertising soon.

According to data from Pew Research, the total number of American adults…

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Social justice issues are now a focus more than ever. The past year has amplified the need for DEI improvement initiatives across the board in all types of organizations. Companies are actively implementing plans and protocols to address the non-inclusive workspaces we have been operating in. Not only do organizations need to address the lack of diversity and inclusivity, but once they improve upon those things, they also need to ensure that their employees feel as though they belong.

Deloitte conducted their 2020 Global Human Capital Trends Survey that inquired participants thoughts on the importance of fostering a sense of…

Natalie Nixon - Two mindset tips

“Here are a couple of tips about what to do when you’re on the verge of doing something but you’re afraid:

“I have this expression that when you’re 50 percent terrified and 50 percent exhilarated about something, leap. The terror will keep you grounded and anchored and keep you like sharp on your toes. The exhilaration will keep you optimistic and buoyant. …

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NBC Chicago highlighted the story of how Best Roberts Motel and Hyatt Hotels assisted in breaking down racial roadblocks and served as trailblazers for the hotel industry. Herman Roberts built a 50 room motel with entertainment and a large room for anyone to watch. When the Pritzker family bought the Hyatt hotels, Herman and Pritzker worked together to break down racial barriers.

Tyronne Stoudemire, a global DEI thought leader and champion of purpose-driven strategy and culture, works today through the inspiration of Herman Roberts.

“Tyronne Stoudemire is the global vice president of diversity for the Hyatt hotel chain. …

Photo by Rémi Jacquaint on Unsplash
Photo by Rémi Jacquaint on Unsplash
Photo by Rémi Jacquaint on Unsplash

“You have to find or create places where you’re accepted as yourself.”

Susan Chapman-Hughes, the Executive Vice President, Global Head of Digital Capabilities, Transformation and Operations at American Express did not get to where she was today without some bumps in the road.

As a Black woman trailblazing her industry, she experienced adversity at every step in her educational and professional journey. Susan used stereotypes that were thrown onto her as fuel to her fire to succeed. Her experiences shaped her and lead her to be the leader she is today. …

“Where does visionary leadership come from? Where does vision come from? It’s easier if we have people around us to model behavior that’s super aspirational.

“So, for example, I just decided to study cultural anthropology in college after reading Janetta B. Cole’s book ‘Anthropology for the 90s.’ It was the first time I saw a reflection of myself, an African American woman anthropologist wearing lip gloss with manicured hands. It wasn’t a bunch of older white men in a National Geographic magazine digging dirt and villages somewhere far away.

“Sometimes that vision for oneself comes from it being modeled…


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