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Influencers are professionals with years of vast unique experience and a desire to share that experience. This means you need to be following them ASAP! Check out these 5 authors and speakers to follow.

Why you need to follow these influencers

Smart people learn from their mistakes, but also from the successes of others. If you want some innovative ways to look at problems to solve, following the people who have firsthand experience with the latest methods, is a must.

It doesn’t really matter what you specialize in you have to keep learning from the best. They will provide you…

Maarten Schafer - CoolBrands People

If you asked a director whether they think their board should have a public reputation - one that is distinct from the company - most would respond with a resounding no. Boards of directors have historically operated behind closed doors, unseen and unknown to the outside world. However, proprietary research conducted by Edelman concludes that a board of directors does indeed possess its own reputation, which must be actively considered and managed. Two-thirds of respondents said they “must trust a company’s board of directors” before making or recommending an investment. …

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Talent is great, but it is not enough to fully succeed.

We all have great potential that we can foster by going farther than our talents. What we must also focus on is self-awareness that can give us important context. Context of ourselves and those around us, that will allow us to stay focused on our values and goals throughout any situation.

The founder of LionPoint Coaching, Doug Pardo delves into the importance of creating a clear context by explaining that our talents alone will not lead us to success. …

The United States is home to 423 national parks, monuments, and nationally protected lands. Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns calls them “America’s best idea.” Collectively, they create a mosaic of many colors that reflect the diversity of our land.

“Our national parks have given shape to our multi-faceted and multicultural story,” the National Park Service says. “[They] honor our differences and remind us of everything that we have in common. Parks tell the ever-evolving story of who we are — our heritage and our history, in its struggles and triumphs. …

In her very first argument in court — 21 years before taking her place as the second woman on the U.S. Supreme Court — Ruth Bader Ginsburg blazed trails. She turned conventional wisdom inside out by arguing that it was unfair to deny a single man the ability to deduct on his taxes the cost of a caregiver for his invalid, dependent mother simply because he’d never married. A single woman in the same situation was entitled to that tax break.

Ginsburg simply and eloquently stated that discrimination in all forms based on gender is not what we seek. Thanks…

Martin Puris

Last year, the Toyota corporation spent $1.5 billion dollars on media alone in the U.S. market to leave us with this message: “Let’s go places.”

By any measure, an uninspired set of words that could apply to anything from an airline to a skateboard maker to the New York City transit authority. The campaign first appeared in 2012. My calculator says that adds up to a cumulative investment of $13.5 billion - not including the cost of production and talent. Add 20%.

I find it impossible to believe that Toyota, one of the world’s great manufacturers, has nothing more important…

Bob Howland

The Role of a CDO

There are so many different kinds of Chief Digital Officers. Bob is a part of a couple of advisory groups and councils of CDOs and has learned how different each CDO’s job is.

“I’ve built e-commerce businesses for 25 companies in my career. In doing that, I’ve also transformed 25 companies. I believe that the technology piece of e-commerce is pretty easy. Anybody can whip up a website in six months and get it out there. The real challenge is to build the website in a way that the people who need it use it.”

Bob has found that most…

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash
Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash
Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

On March 10, Marcus Lu of published a set of graphics and data visualizations about current motivations for US investors to place their funds in ESG assets. ESG-related assets have grown 42% between 2018 and 2020 to reach $17 trillion, and now represent 33% of total U.S. assets under management, so it is instructive to look at what the drivers that are underpinning this shift in investment focus are and to see how this translates internationally.

Marcus highlights that a 2019 survey by Morgan Stanley of U.S. investors, found that an eye-popping 84% want to be able to tailor…

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Joseph W. Kelly, a highly experienced strategic advisor sat down to discuss new and future talent in long-established industries.

Q: Joe, let’s start out by defining what we mean by “new” talent. What does the workforce of the future look like from your vantage point?

The workforce of the future is a dynamic, agile group of individuals that is less resistant to change than prior generations. This group will likely have 6+ “careers” — defined as different types of roles and requirements for skills — over the course of their working lives. As a result, they need to develop core…

What Hospital Boards Need to Consider Now

Photo by CoolBrands People

It has now been more than a year since the novel coronavirus hit the U.S., and during that time, healthcare systems the world over have been tested to their limits. As a result, the healthcare supply chain has been thrust into the limelight. COVID-19 presented challenges that we have never had to face before, certainly not on a scale this large — from the danger of using unauthorized gray market suppliers to the need for real-time tracking of personal protective equipment (PPE) deliveries and other vitally needed items. …


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