Always remain open-minded to new opportunities — Julie Roehm by Carrie Kerpen

I was recently interviewed by Carrie Kerpen, for Forbes. Chatting with her about my work and family background was extremely interesting. I enjoyed being able to share my experiences with her, it allowed me to look back at a lot of my endeavors and evaluate them from a new perspective now that I am about to embark on yet another professional adventure.

This is her introduction to the article which she titled:

What to Do When You’ve Been Fired: Advice From Incredibly Successful Women Who’ve Been There, Too.

Let go. Laid off. Position eliminated.

OK, let’s just say it: You were fired. And no euphemism is going to lessen the blow.

I know it stings right now, but being fired isn’t the end of your career. Really. I’ve spoken with hundreds of incredibly successful women, and a fair share of them — including top-level executives — have been fired. And they didn’t let it get in the way of their success. In fact, they typically point to that moment as a turning point that launched them to a new level of achievement.

If you follow their advice, you can also rise above your current situation. And as a result, you’ll end up in a better place than you are now — somewhere that’s a better fit, that takes your values into consideration, and that ultimately moves you closer to your career goals.

So hold your head high, and follow the advice that helped these women get to where they are today.

We spoke about my past job experiences and I explained how I believe that a company culture is predictive of the kind of people that work there and how the organization functions. Currently positioned as a board member, speaker and podcaster, I have come to understand the importance of fitting into the ambiance of a company — something Carrie and I discussed at length.

I’ve been ‘let go’ as well. And I believe that says more about your fit within a company’s culture than it does about your skills or ideas. You could be the best in your field with great ideas that could transform a business, but if you aren’t a fit for the culture — if you’re a square peg in a round hole — you won’t succeed.

After I had been fired, I decided not to join another large organization, but to take the leap to entrepreneurship. Venturing out on my own was extremely daunting at first, but the results were very much worth it. At the time, I had nothing to lose, and although delving into the unknown was scary, it taught me that fighting your fears can have amazing results.

As I told Carrie, I believe that the most tumultuous time in my life acted as a catalyst, which led me to professional transformation, success and overall life satisfaction.

One must conquer their fears to explore what they are capable of. During a period when I decided to focus on my family, I ultimately achieved what I wanted to in my career. It was really the best of both worlds. It’s all about finding a balance, and if you are willing to look beyond closed doors, I promise you will find a dozen windows that you never realized existed.

Click here to read the original article by Carrie Kerpen, on Forbes.

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