How this Startup Has Defied the Odds — Anna Gudmundson

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Anna Gudmunson, a senior tech business leader in the international high growth scene, was interviewed by host Jeremy Barnett from RAD Intelligence for Influencers. Anna is the CEO and co-founder of Sensate and spoke about how she defied the odds during this current complex business environment.

Every business is facing a set of novel challenges due to the pandemic and has faced a drop in demand. Anna explains, in this podcast, how to overcome this change in the scene. Anna discusses how entrepreneurs must work even harder to manifest what might appear to be luck. Anna explains the importance of the Sensate product and tells the inspiring story of how she was able to work through this impossible environment to raise money. Anna and Jeremy go on to discuss mindset, leadership, mentorship, and the struggles faced by female entrepreneurs.

You can read excerpts of what Anna shared below, or listen to the podcast here.

“Sensate is a really beautiful new innovative product which helps to alleviate stress. It’s a device, it’s a system. You essentially put the product on your sternum — you put your headphones on and run a session for 10–30 minutes. The device helps you relax instantly by stimulating the vagus through infrasonic residents. This is a kind of therapy that usually only exists in very exclusive clinics. My co-founder and I have developed this product over a number of years. she has worked with trauma patients for over 30 years and really knows everything that works and what doesn’t. The product we have created is really beautiful.”

“We often get questions about the vagus nerve — what it is and why it’s important. Let me tell you more about the vagus nerve. It’s the longest nerve in the body — it’s very prominent in Chinese medicine. It is very fundamental in the body as it connects the brainstem, the heart, lungs, and gut. The vagus is the nerve that regulates the stress response, which is why it’s so important for our well-being. It does so much in the body — it's magic. It’s a primal part of the body as well — it’s been there since before the prefrontal cortex. Having a good vagal nerve tone results in better stress resilience.”

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