Burnt by Bridges? — Anne Rabin

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Anne Hird Rabin — a high caliber, results-driven, infrastructure industry leader was featured in an article, ‘Burnt by Bridges?’ published by IJGlobal. The article focuses on how bridges are among the most decrepit pieces of the aging US transportation infrastructure network. As former senior vice president at HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH, Anne shared interesting insight on the topic.

Click here to read the original article or read an excerpt below.

“Anne Rabin, a senior vice president at Hochtief PPP Solutions North America, says that bridges pose greater engineering challenges than a road and cannot be opened in phases. Their complexity means that grantors have to carefully define their design, construction, operations, and maintenance needs, and sponsors have to pick consortium members more carefully. The lumpy nature of bridge projects means they have greater upfront financing requirements.”

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