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3 min readMay 15, 2024
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Cultivating your personal brand online cannot be overstated. As one of our clients, Board Director, and Strategic Technologist Tonie Leatherberry, says “A well-defined personal brand can help communicate unique value proposition, establish credibility, and attract new opportunities.” This is particularly true for young professionals, recent graduates, and college students. Establishing a strong online presence propels younger generations as they move through early career transitions. It lays the groundwork for them to advance into new ventures and opportunities.

No matter where we are in our professional path, each of us possesses a distinctive narrative. Take a moment to reflect on your strengths, experiences, and passions. These are the elements that shape a compelling personal brand. By consistently communicating your aspirations and values, you are able to amplify your brand and visibility. The benefits are multifaceted; spanning from expanded networking opportunities and broader audience reach to increased prospects for career advancement and recognition as subject matter experts.

At the core of personal branding lies the ability to establish credibility and trust. As a young professional stepping into the workforce, this serves as a foundation upon which to build your reputation. By showcasing your values, interests, goals, and strengths, you can better connect with peers, mentors, and potential employers. You pave the way for collaboration and career growth.

When we started CoolBrands, we set out to tell the stories of innovative global companies. We then were asked to support the leaders’ in conveying their narratives. It soon became clear that the majority of our clients were men. Driven by a commitment to fostering equity in leadership roles, we redirected our focus towards prioritizing working with women and diverse leaders. Since aligning our efforts with C-Suite executives, board members, and industry leaders, we’ve come to appreciate that increasing the visibility of the talent pipeline is a crucial element in achieving our goal.

Using a strategic approach similar to that utilized by high-level professionals, Signitt Graduate is crafted to address early-career needs. Aligned with our overarching mission, this program aims to support up and coming leaders in reaching their professional milestones. Our mission is to guide young professionals in establishing a distinctive online identity that aligns with their next goals.

By leveraging their online presence, individuals new to the workforce can control what appears in search results. Through the various digital platforms, they can showcase their knowledge and insights, establish themselves as subject matter experts, and open doors to new opportunities.

Personal branding is a powerful tool in setting the stage for success. By strategically cultivating their online presence and brand, recent graduates and young professionals can build credibility, foster connections, and position themselves for their next milestone. As they navigate this journey of self-discovery and growth, Signitt Graduate aims to provide the guidance needed to chart a course to career advancement with confidence.

A brand anthropologist who has been storytelling for brands since 2002, Anouk Pappers has interviewed over 1,000 CEOs, CMOs and business owners and published 15 books. Anouk’s primary focus is on working with women and diverse leaders to define their personal brands and pinpoint their narrative. Her company, Signitt, enables people to align their online presence with their personal brand, as well as with their organization’s values and mission. This positions them to achieve their next professional goal while at the same time enhancing their company’s image.

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