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I recently read an article published in the Harvard Business Review — How to Curate Your Digital Persona. Being a brand anthropologist, this article piqued my interest.

The authors highlight a crucial aspect of the business world, which many of us often find hard to digest — “In the business world, there is a simple way of working out who we are, when it comes to our professional personas: just pay attention to how others see us.”

How others see you tends to determine a large part of your success in business. I often like to say ‘Google is the new background check’. Before going into a business deal, or even setting up a meeting — a potential client, investor, or board member is likely to ‘Google’ you. The content which then shows up allows your audience to gauge who you are and what you represent. Taking control of what people find when they look for you online, is the concept behind creating an online personal brand.

This personal brand should be a galaxy of information about you, with (relevant) information floating around to encapsulate your past experiences and future goals. This information should be multidimensional — covering your professional roles, biography, interviews, videos, images — the works! The goal is to keep it constantly updated, relevant, and interesting. The aforementioned article featured in the Harvard Business Review did a great job highlighting the importance of an online personal brand, which is why it resonated with me.

Click here to read the original article by Ben Dattner and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic.

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