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Chantalle Couba

I am a trusted executive-level advisor with considerable experience serving clients in financial services, human resources, healthcare, risk, and regulatory compliance.

“I believe one of my strengths to be providing diverse and evidence-based solutions for complex and sophisticated problems, which many industries face in today’s challenging business environment” - Chantalle Couba

Solutions Driven Strategist

In my role as an investment committee advisor to a real assets private equity portfolio of $960m AUM fund, I spearheaded sustainable performance improvements. My work categorically impacted processes and procedures in the front, middle, and back-offices, including technology, HR, compliance, risk, and operations.

I have enjoyed working in multiple roles within the private sector. My background ranges from product strategy formation, completing revenue opportunity analysis, running regulatory evaluations, executing regulatory mandates, maximizing sales force, managing talent, implementing the organizational design, and developing and accelerating operating model frameworks.

Change Catalyst

I am not afraid to confront difficult topics when it helps make advancements possible for vulnerable or underserved people. My ability to actively listen and analyze situations plays a critical role in evaluating the evidence to create an informed thesis on the problem, which leads to proactive action planning and developing a blueprint to arrive at action-oriented results.

As a 2019 USA Eisenhower Fellow, I researched and studied the intersectionality of female leaders’ personal and professional experiences. My work helped gain valuable insights into the demands and obstacles that women in these roles face, contributing to greater understanding and development of “out of the box” solutions.

With a comprehensive background working internationally, including working and living in Germany, Haiti, the Netherlands, and Panama, I enjoy engaging in global environments and tackling challenging initiatives.

“We see things not as they are, but as we are. Because it is the ‘I’ behind the ‘eye’ that does the seeing.” - Anais Nin

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