Authentic Ways To Build A Culture That Supports Diverse Talent — Troy T. Taylor

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A diverse workforce can bring a range of benefits to an organization, including increased creativity and innovation, improved decision making, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and a broader range of perspectives and experiences.

Recently, I read an article published by Forbes titled “Authentic Ways To Build A Culture That Supports Diverse Talent”. As a firm believer that diversity is key in the growth of an organization, this article was an interesting read. It described three ways to attract and retain employees by making a stronger commitment to diversity,

The three ways are mentioned below -

  1. Define diversity on an organizational level

Differences in race, ethnicity, religion and background should be celebrated in the workplace. In order to achieve this, leaders must set the tone of the organization and behave in accordance to this vision. Diversity is not only about race and gender.

“It’s about having representation in leadership and departments, in skillsets and roles. This not only helps every member of a team feel included and seen, but it also broadens everyone’s horizons and opens them to new perspectives and experiences. That’s why it’s also crucial to consider every facet of the organization and its goals.”

2. Optimise your recruitment strategies and goals

In order to create a diverse culture within an organization, it is important to consider the organization attracts and determining whether it results in a diverse team. If not, recruitment strategies must be adjusted in order to remove unconscious biases which maybe affecting the recruitment process.

“Training to spot these points of bias within the hiring team — as well as promoting inclusive language in postings and interviews — is one way to make the entire recruitment process more inclusive.”

3. Lead by example

Leaders can demonstrate their commitment to diversity by communicating the importance of diversity and inclusion, and by modeling inclusive behaviors.

“Encourage a sense of agency in each individual to recognize and prioritize diversity, especially other members of the leadership team.”

Read the original article here.




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