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3 min readDec 25, 2022
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As the economy faces recessions and massive layoffs from tech companies, it’s safe to say the job market is looking risky. However, due to layoffs, there is plenty of tech talent available, and there are companies that stand to benefit, especially within the healthcare industry. I recently came across an article from Forbes, Big Techies: Healthcare Is Waiting With Open Arms by Seth Joseph and it brought up interesting points on why the healthcare industry is at its prime to be tech talent’s next career move.

“As the landslide of layoffs continues in big tech, workers can find opportunity, purpose and incredible skills-alignment in healthcare.”

The article mentions three-point on why tech workers should shift into healthcare.

  1. The healthcare industry is a safe(er) bet:

“Healthcare was also one of the only sectors of the economy that saw a net increase in job creation from the end of 2007 into 2010.”

During the pandemic, we witnessed massive layoffs at the start as the economy contracted but healthcare workers were in high demand. This shows that the healthcare industry has proven to be incredibly resilient. Making a mark in the healthcare industry would create a purposeful and impactful shift in this uncertain economy.

2. Finding merit and meaning in healthcare technology development:

“A 2021 Gartner survey found that 65 percent of employees said the pandemic had made them rethink the place that work should have in their lives, where 56 percent said it made them want to contribute more to society.”

As the saying goes, when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. Being able to contribute and find meaning in the work you do is a blessing in disguise. When you are able to enjoy what you do, you perform better and are much more committed to going above and beyond. It would also be a bonus if the work you do contributes to society and gives your life a purpose.

3. Big tech’s skills are needed in healthcare:

“Healthcare companies are finding new and novel ways to leverage platforms to help fix longstanding, systemic industry issues.”

During the pandemic, we’ve all gone through the hassle of not being able to physically see a doctor and watching elders struggle with technology to communicate with their primary care clinician. Given how unpredictable environments may be at any given moment, tech knowledge is required to provide a very specific kind and level of expertise to run, grow and scale. At the same time, this would improve everything from care coordination and quality, to cost and patient/consumer experience.

“There is a huge opportunity to do good via tech and digital strategy in healthcare. And the timing is incredible, as the market will only be growing and is (fairly) recession-proof.”

My vision and mission are to make healthcare broadly accessible to all, so what is better than to have talented tech individuals contribute to making healthcare systems better for all?

“It’s now up to healthcare companies and investors to use big tech’s losses for healthcare’s gain, and work to reach and bring in the big-tech brains to help solve some of healthcare’s biggest problems.”

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