Board Oversight of Digital Transformation Risks — Alexandra Morehouse

2 min readNov 8, 2022
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Alexandra Morehouse is the Chief Digital Officier and Chief Marketing Officier at Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the country. With an exceptional track record of strategic reinvention, digital transformation, and revenue growth — her strong suit lies in cybersecurity, digital technology, and brand marketing. Her passion for ESG and risk management motivates her to implement strategies that lead organizations to thrive in the future. She was interviewed by Howard Brod Brownstein to discuss the Board’s Oversight of Digital Transformation Risks and the importance of overcoming risk through her experience at Banner Health.

“Every one of these transformations has a tech stack behind it, and two of the risk you have to address technically when you’re putting things out to bid, you always have a choice between some of the newer startups who are dramatically cheaper and some of the usual suspects who are very solid and are more expensive, so you have to be really alert to the risk.”

“Some tremendous startups out there and lots of times they’re using you to write new code that may some hiccups in it, so that’s risk one,”

“The other risk is on the internal side, understanding what the disruption risks would be to the business and then of course the change management.”

“What are the risks to actually paying for the digital transformation and then not having it adopted?”

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More about Alexandra: Alexandra Morehouse is a mission-driven collaborator and seasoned board member, with deep experience in governance, risk management, and digital transformation. She currently serves as the chief digital officer and chief marketing officer for Banner Health and is a national thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.




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