Board’s Role in Digital Transformation — Alexandra Morehouse

3 min readNov 15, 2022

Alexandra Morehouse is the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the country. With an impressive track record of strategic reinvention, digital transformation, and revenue growth — her talents lie in cybersecurity, digital technology, and brand marketing. Her passion for ESG and risk management motivates her to implement strategies that lead organizations to thrive in the future.

She was interviewed by Howard Brod Brownstein, to discuss the Board’s Role in Digital Transformation and why it is important for board members to be involved when digital transformation takes place.

“The board’s role is three-fold — how do you define digital transformation, what is the strategy, and then more importantly, what are the goals and how will you measure them?

“Boards need to be aware of the opportunities that digital transformation will allow their company and how the success of digital transformation has impacted their competitors. By doing so, implementing digital transformation would prove to increase the company’s name, brand, image, sales, and even business opportunities. Measuring the goals and how digital transformation would fast-track the achievement is something that board members are more interested in. Would digital transformation open up doors for the company that could increase revenue?

“As a board member, you have to make sure your management team is clear on the strategy, very clear on the outcome, what the goals are, and then ask thoughtful questions about the change management process.”

“When digital transformation takes place, it is crucial to be transparent about what the strategy is and have everyone aligned with it. The management team, especially, needs to know what the expected return is and what would need to be true for the people and processes to change in order to have a successful outcome.

“Digital transformation typically comes with a fairly significant price tag.”

“In your fiduciary role, you have to understand what are you going to get for this, what’s it going to cost, and over what time frame.”

“Every transformation comes with a price. When a new system or process is introduced, how will it affect the company’s structure? Who will watch over to ensure the company is operating smoothly when these changes are made? How would the management team be held accountable? These are questions that need to be answered in order to give the board ease of mind that progress is being made and the investment is worthwhile.”

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More about Alexandra: Alexandra Morehouse is a mission-driven collaborator and seasoned board member, with deep experience in governance, risk management, and digital transformation. She currently serves as the chief digital officer and chief marketing officer for Banner Health and is a national thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.




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