Born ‘Ready to Go’ - in conversation with Velma Deleveaux, PhD

3 min readDec 14, 2021
Velma Deleveaux

Who we are today — personally and professionally — is largely dependent on how we were raised, what we were exposed to, and how we were urged to see the world around us. Our experiences and environment tend to determine how we conduct ourselves in business situations, influence our leadership style, and mold our way of thinking.

Today we are in conversation with Velma Deleveaux, independent board director, corporate leader, supply chain expert. Velma shares with us her childhood experience and how they have tailored the high-level executive she is today.

Velma, you are a creator of pioneering ideas. Tell us more about your background, what makes your viewpoint unique, and how do you apply that in your work?

“As my mother has always said, I was born “ready to go”. I am originally from Crooked Island Bahamas, a beautiful pristine island with a mere population of 250 people. Although from such a small town, my parents always set me up for success. There was a huge focus on education and widening our horizons. Since a young age, I have had a lot of energy, a big imagination, an exuberance for life and adventure, and a penchant/passion for creating new things. I am innately curious, which not only fueled my learning at a young age but to date keeps me yearning to constantly learn and know more. My father cultivated a mindset to explore the world, travel widely and expand minds and expectations. This thought process and focus on exploration and thirst for knowledge has shaped who I am today — a creator of pioneering ideas.

“A lot of my past has culminated into the person I am today and the kind of board member I make. I am known for my unique ability to bring solutions to ill-defined and unstructured problems. I imagine undefined potential futures, years out, that don’t yet exist, influenced by anticipated trends and technology disruptions. I help executives re-imagine and articulate a compelling vision for that future. I then develop bold, innovative strategies to drive growth. I am effective and adept at navigating, adapting to/and operating within multiple cultures.

“Being from a small town, I have learned the value of relationships. I am known for connecting and building trusted relationships across organizations, with industry partners and with competitors. My mother’s sayings have left a strong impression in my mind — one of my favorites is “a hint to the wise is sufficient”, which helps me truly listen for what is said and nuance what’s not said. This helps me to better understand our customers’ experiences & priorities, culture, partners, stakeholders.

“Lastly, I bring experience and multi-faceted perspectives of a seasoned management consultant; an immigrant, entrepreneur, academic, world traveler, business and technology leader.”

Thanks for sharing, Velma.




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