Brands Can Play a Big Role in Cultural Understanding — Aarushi Kapoor

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This article triggered me to think about the importance of culture in regard to marketing, branding and advertising. Culture defines society- it shapes how we think, how we act and what we say. Culture drives individuals and institutions, creates a foundation for beliefs, and most importantly, unites communities. Without a strong culture, communities would fail to achieve homogeneity amongst diversity. In order to effectively reach and resonate with a target audience, connecting with their cultural beliefs holds utmost importance. It is the one binding factor which can be used by marketing specialists to reach a variety of individuals through a single campaign.

Being an international student from New Delhi, now studying in Washington D.C., my experiences in both these bustling capital cities has proven to me the importance of a sound cultural understanding in regard to marketing and branding. Further having travelled to various countries around the world, I have learnt the same. People everywhere are different. What appeals to individuals, what resonates with individuals and what actually drives individuals to change intention into action, differ greatly. The strategy lies in identifying what a community of people desire, and connecting that desire to the product, company or person we are promoting. Its simple- it’s creating a positive attitude via association. It is easier said than done. Truly understanding a culture and paying attention to the tiny details is the tricky bit.

Culture could mean many things. Culture could refer to the history of a place and its people and act as an umbrella term covering the rituals, beliefs, traditions etc. Or, culture could refer to popular culture, also known as ‘pop’ culture. This would consist of the latest Twitter trends, YouTube influencers and famous Instagram accounts.

Either interpretation could be used successfully for the purpose of branding and marketing. In my opinion the step left to take is realizing the prime importance of culture in this industry.

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