The Importance of Strengthening the Pipeline of Black Talent - Crystal Ashby

2 min readJan 18, 2021
Crystal Ashby — Interim President & CEO ELC
Crystal Ashby — Interim President & CEO

Interim President and CEO of the executive leadership council Crystal Ashby joined CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’ in February of 2020. Crystal spoke on the inequality and limitations that Black professionals face in the work environment and ways to improve these issues. It all starts with opportunity.

“When organizations present opportunities, (as Black people) we have to grab them. The problem is, often our Black talent are not receiving those opportunities.

“There is a lot of extraordinary talent out there, and so the statistical numbers of executives should be different. When I look at C-Suites and corporate boards the diversity numbers are very low for Black people.”

She then spoke on a fundamental change that would improve this imbalance of white to Black executives:

“I believe it is the intention, it is staying in the course, commitment, and when you become frustrated, realizing you cannot walk away, you have to continue.”




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