Lucid Announces Newest Board Member: Deborah Augustine Elam


On February 8th, 2021, the well-known programmatic research technology company Lucid announced their newest addition to their board, Deborah Augustine Elam. Deborah is a visionary leader and an expert in diversity and inclusion. As an arbirture in social impact, Deborah will bring her unique perspective and strategies to further Lucid’s growth. Her philanthropy experience will aid the company in reaching the largest audience and creating the biggest impact on the community.

The CEO of Lucid, Patrick Comer, commented on the announcement.

“We are thrilled and honored to welcome Deb to our board. It is important that Lucid prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, as well as extend opportunities to give back to the community that we are thankful to call home. I look forward to working with her on key initiatives as we continue to evolve our organization.”

Deborah Elam also made a statement.

“I am honored to join the Lucid board of directors and look forward to working with other board members to make a positive impact in the Greater New Orleans community. DEI and philanthropy are passion points for me, and I am excited to share that passion, along with my expertise, with Lucid as I advise on corporate social responsibility strategies, organizational procedures, and community impact.”



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