Corporate PlayBook x Diversity Deb- a Series by Deborah “Deb” Elam

Deborah Elam

“Hi, I am Deb, known to many as Diversity Deb. Welcome to my new series, the Corporate Playbook, where we will discuss all things leadership, diversity, strategy, and more. This series will combine my passion for creating a series of moves — a playbook — for effective leadership along with focusing on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I have never really been one for reading long business strategy books, especially now in the age of digitization and the dominance of byte-size, just-in-time, information. That is why this series will consist of short video clips and write-ups on how you can elevate your professional leadership trajectory.

“In this series, I will offer insights on effective leadership strategies for both seasoned leaders and emerging leaders alike. Whether you have an existing strategy or you’re launching something fresh — a new set of initiatives — effective leadership and an effective inclusion stray go hand in hand.
A playbook helps you visualize targets, understand what continuous improvement looks like, and know what it takes to achieve goals and be successful. The corporate playbook and dd will offer an authentic strategy for your success. Stay tuned…”