Driving Diversity in Leadership — Richelle Webb Dixon

2 min readSep 24, 2022

“Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the center of what we do.”

~ Marco Bizzarri | President and CEO of Gucci

Up until recently, most leadership positions in companies were male-dominated. Companies have quickly understood the importance of diverse teams. Diversity in a workplace is not simply recruiting men, women, and those of different cultural backgrounds but also those with unique skill sets, diverse experience, education, and so on. Such different perspectives and novel ideas pave the way for success. However, this requires inclusive leaders; open-minded, empathetic and are committed to recruiting different voices.

Richelle Webb Dixon is a healthcare equalizer, passionate advocate, and strategic planner. She works towards bringing healthcare diversity and equality for all, on the operational side and via serving on boards. Her leadership abilities stem from her passion, and past experiences, which have allowed her to be the change she wants to see.

“Companies are rapidly realizing the importance of diverse, multidisciplinary teams; that combine the talents of men and women and people of different cultural heritage. However, simply mixing and combining people together can not quite guarantee high performance. Inclusive leadership is required. All members must feel : respected, valued, sense of belonging, confident, and inspired.

“As a woman of color in a leadership position, I take it as my responsibility to create awareness and drive change. When I entered the healthcare sector, it was white male-dominated. My goal is to pave the way for women, particularly women of color. Slowly, organizations and industries are taking steps towards creating a more diverse workforce and leadership team. The power of diversity is unleashed in inclusive leadership.

“I might be the first woman of color in a leadership position but I will not be the last.”

About Richelle Webb Dixon: Committed to diversity and equality in healthcare and the workplace, Richelle Webb Dixon is a healthcare equality champion and compassionate leader. As a proven executive in the healthcare industry, Richelle has worked in a variety of settings- hospital operations, ambulatory care, community advocate, and medical education. All of her professional experiences, coupled with her will to bring about a positive change, allow Richelle to create a lasting impact in organizations she works with. She continues to work towards bringing healthcare diversity and equality for all, on the operational side and via serving on boards.




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