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Elicia Pegues Spearman is a positive and innovative change agent. She has 19+ years of experience in private, federal, and state experience across the manufacturing, defense, healthcare, and higher education industries. Elicia specializes in high-risk investigations, labor relations, culture and change management, diversity, talent development, and organizational redesigns.

Elicia was interviewed by GetGive to discuss her position at Hubbell Inc., amongst other things.

You can read excerpts of the interview below or read the original article here.

“In an age in which U.S. businesses are scrambling to replace retiring baby boomers, Elicia Pegues Spearman is taking a proactive stance to ensure that the knowledge and skills of seasoned talent is shared and that new workers are competent and confident.

Since becoming VP of Human Resources for Connecticut-based electronics manufacturer Hubbell Incorporated’s Commercial and Industrial Group in 2016, Spearman has championed a comprehensive talent development and succession plan. Part of the succession planning allows new talent to spend several months shadowing soon-to-retire employees. That ensures the vital knowledge and experience the retirees have accrued over years with the company doesn’t simply walk out the door.”

“You have to be comfortable making decisions that aren’t just black and white or clear cut,” she notes. “But if you lead with knowledge and integrity, ascertain the facts, analyze them, and communicate well, then chances are your decisions are well thought out and well received.” She also stresses the importance of HR working to establish trust from both management and non-management employees.”

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