Embracing Diversity And Inclusion As A Sustainable, Competitive Advantage — Troy Taylor

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Over the last year, the world has had to grapple with difficult and complex situations brought about by the pandemic. Like, employee and customer safety, business delays, and lack of consideration of workforce equity. However, a commitment to equity is essential for the success of an organization. This has been demonstrated in research where employees of organizations with advanced diversity strategies feel more loyal to their company, perform and deliver top-level work.

As a firm believer that diversity is key to the sustainability of a business, I resonated with an article I recently read titled “Embracing Diversity And Inclusion As A Sustainable, Competitive Advantage”. The article describes the importance of diversity in the current times and discusses five steps to incorporate diversity and inclusion in a company.

These five steps are mentioned below -

  1. Firstly, it is important to understand what you want your organization to stand for in the industry and what you want your organization to be. It is important to have a clear idea of the reputation you want to create for your company.
  2. Communication is key to creating a dynamic culture.

“clearly communicate how you expect your leaders to behave to create and sustain a healthy and dynamic culture collectively.”

3. Commitment to a journey of diversity is another essential step to developing a dynamic culture.

“This will clearly signal your commitment and reflect the values of the organization to your customers, stakeholders and prospective employees.”

4. It is important to make bold decisions, accept you have fallen short and ask for resources for this learning journey.

“ Making investments in diversity and inclusion, and involve your employees in the future that you are aspiring to create.”

5. The employees are the best judge of the progress towards an equitable workplace. Focus groups, surveys, and other feedback mechanisms could be useful in gathering information regarding diversity efforts.

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