Empowering Your Team - Leading With Passion- in conversation with Peter Waziri

3 min readFeb 16, 2023


Recent research has shown that when employees feel empowered to work, there is better job performance and greater commitment to the organization. As such, many leaders have adopted the style of empowering leadership. This means the leaders empower their members by delegating authority, include them in decision-making, and asking the input from the members they lead.

Recently, I was a speaker on the “Good For Powers” podcast. Here, I spoke about how I lead and empower my team members to lead with passion.

Tell me about how you convey your passion to the people you are leading

“Within the organization as a whole, Parkland Community Health Plan, we all have to work collaboratively for the common goal we have.

The first thing I do is listen. When I first joined the system, I wanted to meet all the leaders I felt I was going to touch sooner or later. This was pre-covid. I remember walking into their office, sitting down, introducing myself, and taking out my notepad. I just asked questions. For example, what are their pinpoints, what do they do and how can I make their job easier.

It is good to have smart people working for you since they have better ideas than you. If you lead and motivate them properly, they would exceed your expectations.

Also, it is important to educate them about how they can relate their job to helping the population we serve. For example, the ACA marketplace product. It is important to know how we can work cooperatively with the hospital side of the system and both look at the same set of data and come up with projections and recognize barriers from that. The next thing is having educational classes which can be done by having someone from the team have presentations. Also, it is important to know how the funds will be allocated.”

Thank you, Peter, for your insights and inspiration.


A financial and health care leader with a global perspective, Peter Waziri has deep experience across several industries. He currently provides financial leadership for Parkland Community Health Plan’s operational and clinical management functions. Previous positions include CFO at Umpqua Health and also at Cascade Comprehensive Care, along with management positions at GE Capital, Ernst & Young, PNC, KeyCorp, and the Institute of European Finance in Great Britain.




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