Equal Coverage — Peter Waziri

The United States has a very complex healthcare system. Although drug costs and salaries of healthcare providers are far higher than any other Western nation, the life expectancy still remains low — 76.1 years. The healthcare system is flawed and often difficult to navigate.

Peter Waziri, a financial strategist and healthcare executive with a seasoned global perspective, was recently a speaker on the “Use Your Good for Powers Podcast”. Here, he spoke about his experiences in his professional career which led him to do the good work of helping people and bringing about a change in people’s lives in the financial and healthcare sector.

A financial and health care leader with a global perspective, Peter Waziri has deep experience across several industries. He currently provides financial leadership for Parkland Community Health Plan’s operational and clinical management functions. Previous positions include CFO at Umpqua Health and also at Cascade Comprehensive Care, along with management positions at GE Capital, Ernst & Young, PNC, KeyCorp, and the Institute of European Finance in Great Britain.



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