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Chantalle Couba — Authentic Voice for Change

Washington, D.C., September 1, 2021 - In a candid, groundbreaking conversation on the urgent issue of more Americans achieving financial wholeness, the National Credit Union Association, other public financial services constituencies, and private industry independent broker dealer, Cetera Financial Group, identified their shared priorities at a September 1, 2021 live event.

Specifically addressing strategies to provide equal access to capital needed for education, homeownership, and entrepreneurship, as well as programs and tools for greater financial literacy, and enforcement of protections against fraudulent practices, an esteemed panel discussed how the private sector and public agencies may align on behalf of economic fairness, security, and well-being. New approaches to policymaking, financial technology, diverse representation in the financial profession, corporate philanthropy, and community outreach to the historically underserved and underrepresented are among the foundational elements of financial wellness discussed by the expert panel.

Hosted by Chantalle Couba, Cetera Financial Group’s Chief of Staff to the CEO and Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, the panel included Rodney Hood, Past Chair and Board Member of the National Credit Union Association, Paul Ewing, CEO of Prosperity Advisory Group and a Cetera Registered Principal, and other financial services public sector leaders. Key insights from the leaders included the following:

“Financial inclusion is the civil rights issue of our generation, meaning that credit scores dictate where one lives in some instances, where one works, and that’s even before someone can apply for a loan. I am fortunate that on behalf of the 5,000 credit unions I represent, we all view financial inclusion as a critical issue for this country,” said Rodney Hood, Past Chair and Board Member of the National Credit Union Association.

A financial services public sector leader responded: “I’m excited to converse on the topic of financial inclusion, because among our goals is ensuring that more people are aware of what investment opportunities they can actually take on at various ages. Sound investing is critical for financial wholeness, including the ability to save for retirement.”

Paul Ewing, CEO of Prosperity Advisory Group, and a Cetera Registered Principal added, “Like all solid, long-standing entrepreneurial firms, it’s our personal relationships, our personal reputations, and our local firm’s trusted reputation, which we have built over 30 years in this business, that allow us to be welcomed into the community to mentor young entrepreneurs and give easy access to free tools that give more people in any financial situation the ability to budget, plan, and save for their future.”

In this unprecedented joint appearance, the panelists presented a seasoned, rational, and compassionate case for providing greater awareness, opportunity, and supportive solutions in service of a more diverse cross-section of Americans achieving financial wholeness and wellness.

Here is an excellent framework for the opportunities of public and private partnership to strengthen communities by Goldman Sachs:

Goldman Sachs Investment Research

Chantalle is a motivated executive-level advisor with substantial in-house and advisory financial services experience within various industries within private equity investing. As a creative solution-oriented person, Chantalle is an expert of framing ambitious challenges into opportunities, creating organic growth for organizations. Also a leader in diversifying the workforce, Chantalle serves on the board for the nonprofit organization INROADS, and founded Namaste Consulting. All three organizations efforts go toward breaking barriers and giving diverse talent opportunities.




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