For Colored Girls who have Considered Politics: The Start of the Book, Authors Book Discussion - Yolanda Caraway

Yolanda Caraway, often described as a change catalyst, has over 30 years of experience with policy-making, public affairs, as well as with national and international political matters. Often sought after to coordinate major activities for the Democratic Party, as well as private organizations, her list of professional achievements showcases years of organizational ability and management expertise.

Yolanda co-authored a book, For Colored Girls Who Have Considerd Politics and recently discussed the beginnings of the book along with her co-authors.

“When we started, we went to New York and spoke with a few editors. They introduced us to Veronica, who wound up writing with us. That was about when we decided that we are going for this. There is an expression in PR, define yourself before somebody else defines you. We felt a strong need to do that. So that is kind of how the book came about at first.

“Veronica interviewed all of us, together and separately. What she did beautifully, which is reflected in the book as well, is the stark differences in all our backgrounds. The book was able to capture how different we all are. We all ended up in the same sphere but had different upbringings and experiences. The book further captures the aspirational quality of the work we do, in a way which that is sometimes not reflected in the written word.”

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