Inspiring Joy on World Party Day — and Every Day - Julie Roehm

It goes without saying, at Party City we love to celebrate, no matter the occasion. Party is in our name and in our DNA. And there is no bigger party than World Party Day!

For those who aren’t familiar with this holiday, World Party Day — being held this year on April 3 — was inspired by the novel “Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel,” by Vanna Bonta. The book ends with a synchronized celebration happening around the world. Simply said, it’s a holiday for everyone to celebrate however they want. And that’s how it should be — and not just on World Party Day — but every day!

Keep The Celebrations Coming!

At Party City, we focus on inspiring joy by making it easy for our customers to create unforgettable memories. That means big milestones, like birthdays, anniversaries or graduations, or small moments like Taco Tuesday or movie night. We’re here to help customers celebrate all aspects of life.

As the weather gets warmer in many parts of the US, we’re noticing that outdoor gatherings like barbecues and pool parties are becoming more and more popular with our customers. After two years of social distancing, we’re all ready to come out of our homes and have some fun. And as celebration styles continue to change, our experts will continue to help our customers reimagine experiences in a way that fits the times.

We’re Making It Easier to Celebrate Every Day

More than ever, people want an easy shopping experience, so we’re rolling out fresh new ideas and innovative technologies to meet the need, like Balloon Builder, our new virtual tool to help you easily build your own customized balloon bouquet, and our brand-new online experience, coming soon. We’ve also added additional Milestone Birthday and adult themes to our product line, as well as more kid favorites like Spiderman and Barbie. And no party is complete without a beautiful air-filled balloon garland or arch! They are easy to put together, can be customized to fit any space or party theme, and can make a huge statement while staying very on-trend.

It’s encouraging to see activity increasing in communities across the country, and how so many Party City customers are making up for the celebrations that they’ve had to postpone.

Happy World Party Day, everyone! Remember, celebration is an act of expressing joy and happiness. When you think about it this way, every moment of life has something worth celebrating.




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!mpact Magazine is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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