Nature & Science — a Match Made in Heaven, in Conversation with — Jennifer Hessel

I’m in conversation with Jennifer Hessel, CEO, and President of Serucell. Serucell is a unique skincare product that harnesses the power of cellular communication to naturally rejuvenate aging skin from the inside out. I’m wondering how the business is thriving, what plans they have for the future, and how she is planning to get there.

So, time for an update.

Jennifer, the skincare market is huge and will probably grow to unknown heights in the coming years. Yet there is also fierce competition in the arena. Why does Serucell have high growth potential?

“Skincare based on advanced science is garnering the most attention in the health and beauty world; and not just from consumers but from investors as well.

“In the US, the prestige skincare market approached approximately six billion dollars in 2019. In 2020, as Covid-19 altered the focus away from color cosmetics, skincare products have seen the lion share of growth.

“In addition, clinically-based skincare brands have overtaken the natural skin care segment as the most sought-after products. Market research indicates that consumers want efficacious, high-performance skincare products that deliver on their promises.

“At this moment in time, it’s still speculation, however, dermatologist visits are down in numbers and women are expecting the same performance from their at-home products that they previously got in the doctor’s office.

“However, companies need to have a combination of emotional connection and “gravitas”, a sense of seriousness that it delivers based on science. At Serucell we offer both of these qualities which sets us apart from the competition. In addition to our scientific product offering, we created Serucell Societe, a sharing platform where women and men of various age groups and backgrounds share their personal stories and journeys. The conversation gets started in the Societé and carries on beyond that environment.

“Moreover, we see that women of every age are more likely to purchase skincare from brands that cater to authentic diversity issues as well as ageism and culture. From the start, Serucell has been committed as a guiding principle, to opening the doors to all conversations; welcoming the viewpoints and insights from our community.

“We are a revolutionary skincare company based on multi-patented technology and a proprietary KFS ingredient with over 1500 natural proteins. Our technology enables our scientists to iterate and stay ahead of emerging trends that we see around the world in the skincare industry. As a result, we deliver cutting edge skincare products. All our products are created by hand, and the production process consists of 147 steps. Our lab is located in West Virginia where the roots of the company were founded.

“We have observed the growing demand for natural/botanical products along with a desire for efficacy. Products that do more, use safe ingredients, and simplify routines — that’s what customers want. We have combined nature and science which is what gives us a high growth potential.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Jennifer.



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