The Speed of Innovation — in Conversation with Julie Roehm

2 min readJul 22, 2020

Julie Roehm was a guest at the High Stakes Forum, a series of webinars organized by the C-Suite Network. Julie is the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Party City.

Throughout her career, Julie has held challenging leadership positions and has successfully transformed the way organizations think about, and engage with their customers. Julie has a track record for innovation, collaboration, and driving great results.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of the C-Suite Network, and Julie discussed many topics relating to current-day business challenges.

The first topic was about Party City’s Speed of Innovation, when in crisis. You can listen to Julie’s insights, or you can read it below.

Julie, can you share with us how Party City is staying innovative in these times of crisis?

“My experience so far has been great and the Party City management team has had a vision for transformation ever since I started there (December 2019). Most of the management team are new-comers, which gives us a certain advantage — we all still have the ability to look at the company with an outside view.

“Innovation…these things take time — the bigger the company, the longer it takes. However, this pandemic allowed us to strike a deal with Hertz (Car Rental) in just 8 days. COVID has made companies realize that we are all in this together, and that has brought everyone’s guard down a little bit. Was the entirety of this process perfect? No. But was it the right thing to do? A hundred percent yes.”




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