The Business of Making People Happy — in Conversation with Julie Roehm

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Julie Roehm was a guest at the High Stakes Forum, a series of webinars organized by the C-Suite Network. Julie is the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Party City. Throughout her career, Julie has held challenging leadership positions and has successfully transformed the way organizations think about, and engage with their customers. Julie has a track record for innovation, collaboration, and driving great results.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, the CEO of the Network, and Julie discussed several topics relating to current-day business challenges.

The second topic they discussed was about how Party City is in the business of making people happy.

You can listen to Julie’s response, or you can read it here.

Jeffrey: Julie, I get a sense that you feel there’s going to be huge magic coming out of this. In the midst of all this virus and crisis, I have a feeling that you have never been more excited about an opportunity.

“That’s correct, I have never been more excited. As I say, a lot of people look at their daily calendar and may feel upset or not have time for a break. But I don’t care about not having a break — all my meetings are about balloons, or a birthday or graduation. I’m very excited about that.

“The things I do — the marketing and customer experience, is all driven by the mission of the company. At Party City, we want to help people create joy by making it easy to create unforgettable memories.

“The world we live in, there are very few companies in which people have a job to come in every day and think “How can I make someone happy today?”

You can listen to Part 1 here, or read it here.

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