Julie Roehm in conversation with Carol Kruse

In conversation with Julie Roehm
In conversation with Julie Roehm

Former CMO at ESPN and Cambia Health Solutions, Head of Global Digital for the Coca-Cola Company and currently Independent Board Member at Valvoline Inc., my interviewee, Carol Kruse, spent a few moments with me discussing how a small town girl from Pennsylvania made her way to great things and how she finds happiness doing what she loves.

Carol grew up in what she describes a national park family. Her parents were obsessed with the outdoors, which is what sourced her love for the same. This intense passion led her to working as the CMO for Tough Mudder. For those of you who don’t know what Tough Mudder is, look them up on YouTube for a glimpse into the excitement!

Carol also spoke about the role she played as one of the few women on the boards of various organizations. She says her fearlessness and ambition is driven by her mother. Her mother taught her to never feel guilty, especially as a woman and working mom. Carol imbibed that advice and now even works to guide and mentor other working moms.

Toward the end of this interview Carol shared her evolved understanding of success. She spoke about being able to gain joy from the little things, like yoga and helping people achieve their dreams.

Interviewing with Carol was extremely enlightening, in particular her views on joy and success, which is something we all should strive to learn.

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