$11.2 Million Hospital Expansion — Karen Wyble

Karen Wyble
Karen Wyble
Karen Wyble CEO St. Martin Parish

A great healthcare system means nothing without great accessibility. All patients need to be able to obtain the medical treatments prescribed to maintain their overall health. This is an issue for rural communities as their closest medical care facilities are often in big cities.

Karen Wyble, an ambassador for ‘from Healthcare to Wellcare’, a policy change expert, and an empathetic mentor, played a key role in hospital expansion for St. Martin Parish Hospital in 2019. Karen is the CEO of the hospital and stated the importance of the work they were doing. “We’re delivering major medical resources to this community. We’re able to treat people right here at home. It’s opened our doors to advanced medical services that were previously only available for large institutions and big cities.”

St. Martin Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana plans to attack accessibility issues head-on with their 11.2 million dollar hospital expansion plan, set to start in 2021. This expansion will, “add 30,000 square feet, more than doubling the rural hospital’s size. The project will add a new nursing unit with 25 patient rooms, a new MRI suite, and a surgical suite that will allow for surgery and heart catheterization. The surgical suite would allow St. Martin Hospital to offer surgical services for the first time” (William Taylor Potter, Lafayette Daily Advertiser).

This expansion will allow them to cover the ever-growing needs of the community.

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