Guide Yourself to a Better Place — in conversation with Lina Vella Bryant

In conversation with Lina Vella Bryant — the CEO and Founder of Healing Heart Method. Lina is here to discuss what her company has to offer, its benefits and why it is important. I am excited to learn more about the Healing Heart Method and its unique benefits.

Lina, the Healing Heart Method is such a unique concept. Tell me a little bit more about what you do with your clients?

“I will answer by asking a question — How much do you love? We at Healing Heart Method understand that you can only give as much love as you have for yourself. Intent and follow-through are miles apart. Career, mental, physical or emotional health, relationship status, etc. What is truly holding anyone back from fully loving and having all the above? At a time when we all face the challenge of what to do next, what changes can you make?

“Every one of my client’s experiences life through a diffident lens, the only constant is the shifting cycles. How do you show up? What are you committed to? Are you sacrificing your own dreams and wishes out of obligation to others? At what cost? There’s a saying I like “In 6 months’ time you can be in the same place or a better place.” Healing Heart Method will guide you to that…a better place. A better place within you which will then trickle into every other part of your life. Our program will provide you with a sense of commitment to inner peace, growth, self-love, and gratitude. Once your heart begins to crack open, you can be limitless.

“Healing Heart Method will teach clients many things. Awareness of the connection between mind, breathe and body, releasing old patterns, self-talk to become one with your inner critic, how to maintain stress and prevent disease, and finally understand the fundamentals of yoga. We really do have a lot to offer.”

Thank you so much for sharing, Lina. All of your work sounds so fascinating!

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