Meeting Tom Miele — Wealth Avisor and Change Catalyst

Tom Miele- Change Catalyst & Wealth Advisor
Tom Miele- Change Catalyst & Wealth Advisor
Tom Miele - Change Catalyst & Wealth Advisor.

I’m talking with Tom Miele, who is a senior investment advisor. He advises high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, celebrities and foundations on a wide range of financial planning and investment objectives.

Tom, tell me briefly, how would you describe the work you do?

As a wealth advisor, I firstly support my clients in asking the right questions — to find out their exact financial goals and, equally as important, to gain an understanding of the ‘why’; i.e. the reasons for their various desires, the reasons they are concerned or how they feel about the financial meaning of their life. I love helping my clients clarify their hopes, fears, concerns, and most heartfelt desires. Secondly, I help them understand the consequences, risks and opportunities of the different ways of investing. And lastly, I recommend, create, implement and monitor a completely bespoke wealth plan and investment portfolio to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

And who do you do this for?

Well, there are several types of clients who connect with me. There are uniquely successful individuals and families who are seeking a long term and thoughtful financial Wealth Advisor. Someone who can provide holistic advice rather than just picking stocks and bonds for a portfolio. Family offices and foundations that are interested in an informed second opinion on their overall investment strategy and asset allocation. Then there can be a corporate executive with concentrated stock and/or options exposure in need of a risk management and exit strategy. And lastly it can be a CPA, attorney or business manager interested in providing a comprehensive wealth management resource for their clients.

Tom, what should I expect in our first meeting?

Great question. I like to begin with a detailed interview process during our first meeting. It helps me understand my client more deeply, so that I can create a customized strategy that fits their needs. By the end of our meeting, you will know if I’m the right Financial Advisor for you, and I will know if I can provide what you need. From there, we can gather information and work toward customizing a financial plan and investment strategy.

Thank you for sharing this Tom, it’s all clear to me now.

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