A Chicago area Walmart brings free courses and life skills to the greater community; not just employees - Keith Wyche

Walmart, the Bentonville, Arkansas based retailer that is widely known across the country, took steps towards a new venture after their storefront in Chatham was heavily damaged during the civil unrest that took place after George Floyd’s death. In addition to hosting training for employees on the premises, there will be a space for community members to take classes to train for jobs such as HVAC technicians and other life skills such as financial literacy and career readiness.

Walmart executives sat down and talked with community leaders about what they can do to add value and purpose to the surrounding community. Ideas on how exactly to boost support and engagement were conceived in dialogue with community leaders.

Throughout the unsettling times of civil unrest, Walmart took a stance and publicized their plans to open the Chatham Walmart Academy about two years ago after restoring the damage. However, they did not stop there, they also made an addition to the Austin and Chatham stores by creating in-store health clinics for individuals within the community.

These classes will be held at about 10 Chicago-area stores on subjects like finance, personal spending, blueprint reading, resume building, computer design, and beneficial interviewing practices for employees and community members alike. This will not only help Walmart build connections throughout the community, it will help reach out to customers who have traveled from other areas to shop at Walmart.

Chicago Cook Workforce works with Walmart’s program and other local educational facilities to provide these applicable real-life skill classes which can range from four to 20 weeks. All of these courses will be free of cost to the community. Their idea is to bridge the gap between communities and open up these classes so everyone has an equal opportunity to find and live out their passions.

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Keith Wyche is a change management leader who strives to assist organizations in reaching their potential. With decades of experience managing billion-dollar businesses across several industries, Keith applies a holistic approach to sustainable and efficient change. Keith is an author and leader who advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in workplace talent and in customers through bridging community gaps. His vast experience and skills allow him to turn around struggling organizations and create strategic solutions for the best results.



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