My Unexpected Gratification Experienced Through Crowdfunding -Annette Azan

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Creating impact, meaning, and connection have fueled my entire life.
I have worked in marketing, branding and retailing throughout most of my career, and have drawn the interest of millions to new opportunities through images, messaging and sometimes one on one contact. But I have never previously experienced an opportunity like this.

Founding Nuudii System has opened some of the richest new pathways of my career. Our team took months to weigh the pros and cons of launching on Kickstarter, a platform well known for helping creators launch ideas and establishing proof of concept. The decision to take our product straight to the end users has exceeded our expectations. I had no idea of the impact Kickstarter would have beyond funding and getting our product into the world. The direct and nearly instantaneous connection with our supporters has turned out to be a rare and gratifying experience for all!

This community of visionaries and first adopters is not only willing to fund,
(sometimes with no rewards), the projects they believe in, they are eager to connect with us as creators. I have been moved by the heartfelt emails from both women and, more surprisingly, men who have pledged for the women in their lives. I have received and appreciated many messages of encouragement as we create this new market including the enthusiastic requests for our size expansion, so that even more women can join our community of users. To get this much insight early on is invaluable.

Nuudii System is powered by so many individuals! — These early adopters are forever woven into the fabric of our brand, whether they pledged a single dollar, or thousands. We love the way individuals showed up in force, both financially and emotionally. I’m filled with gratitude on each passing day of our 31-day campaign and the impact it has already had on our growth. I’m listening, watching and sharing the love throughout this extraordinary
and meaningful experience.

Annette Azan, Creator Nuudii System

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