Elevating Leadership: Insights “Open Your Eyes and Lead”- Nancy Capistran

2 min readJun 6, 2024


Nancy Capistran — Resilient and Positive Leader

The common thread that cuts across all aspects of our universe is leadership. Our world is starving for leaders whose foundation is one of principle; and whose primary objective is to build honest relationships in all aspects of their lives. In today’s unprecedented environment, conventional leadership cannot take us into the future. We need to find new approaches if we aspire to dramatically increase our supply of self-aware agents of change.

In Chapter 1 of my book “Open Your Eyes and Lead,” we delve into the underlying meaning of leadership — a concept that extends beyond management and touches every part of our lives. Leadership isn’t just for the workplace or boardroom; it’s part of our daily interactions and decisions.

Let’s discuss some of the key facets of effective leadership.

One key principle is the importance of composure in leadership. Effective leaders stay calm in chaos, guiding their teams through tough times with steady confidence. They build strong relationships based on trust, respect, and clear communication, creating an environment where everyone can succeed. True leadership is about handling challenges with integrity and resilience.

Traditional leadership, marked by hierarchical control, doesn’t fit today’s diverse workforce. Instead, true leadership involves adaptability, vision, and empowerment. It’s about inspiring people to work towards a common goal, regardless of their position in the organization.

Central to effective leadership is fostering a nurturing culture that allows individuals to reach their full potential. As leaders, we must create environments where people naturally thrive, driving innovation and productivity. This principle is crucial in boardrooms, where the culture set by independent board directors and executives impacts the organization’s direction and success.

Emotional intelligence is also vital for effective leadership. It allows leaders to understand and manage emotions, both their own and those of others, to drive meaningful change and sustainable results.

My approach lies in understanding the unique perspectives of both CEOs and their Boards, identifying their values, vision, and mission, and pinpointing where their synergies and divergences lie.

The transformation begins when these gaps and overlaps are mutually acknowledged and understood. This alignment fosters enhanced collaboration and a unified approach toward achieving organizational objectives. It’s not just about bridging a gap; it’s about creating a stronger, more resilient leadership structure.

In essence, leadership is a holistic endeavor that goes beyond organizational boundaries. I encourage all leaders to embody integrity, resilience, and empathy in their leadership journeys, creating cultures of excellence and innovation!




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