Getting Back in the Water - Nate Miles

A few years ago I spoke at the West Angeles Church Of God In Christ’s Men’s Day encouraging members of our community to go back into the streets and to help our brothers and sisters out there continuing to struggle. I wanted to share my words again as they are as relevant today as ever during these times where societal inequity is continuing to be unveiled.

“Men are the key to the communities that we have, I know that women are the backbone, but men are they key to our families, to our churches and to our communities.

Never have our young boys and girls needed men so much as they need them today. So it is great to see you all today in church, but I would just ask you one favor: men of West Angeles, is to not only be in here in the pews and in the church, but to also be out there in the streets and meet these young boys where they are. They need you out there with them.

“It’s not a secret why Hera tried to take all of the young boys out. It is no secret why Pharaoh tried to get rid of all of the young boys. They didn’t want a Moses coming onto the scene and so they went after the boys.

“There is no secret as to what is going on with our boys. In light of the fact of some of our African brothers and sisters who are here today, I want to tell you about a proverb bishop that they talked about over in Africa:

“They said that there was once a big herd of elephants over in Africa. These elephants were going through the jungle and they came to a river that was wide and flowing strong. But you see for these big elephants, that was nothing for them, they just crossed over the river. They just walked through that river like it was nothing, but when they got to the other side some said something smart, they said, ‘Bishop leader look back behind us.’ When the Bishop leader looked behind, he saw all of the little baby elephants on the other side. Because you see, they weren’t big like the other elephants, the water scared them. They couldn’t cross that water because it might have washed them away. The babies were scared and didn’t know how to get across the water. That’s when the Bishop said to the big elephants, ‘get back in the water and stand side by side.’ He told them to go side by side because he wanted the babies to be able to walk across their backs. The little elephants were able to walk across the backs of the big elephants and they all made it across the river.

“So I am saying to all of you because I know that you have made it. You’re sitting here looking good, you’ve made it out of the streets you’ve made it into the sweets. You’ve made it here but I’m asking you to get back into the water one more time because there’s some little elephants that need you to walk across your backs.

“Please get back in the water.”

About Nate Miles: Nate is a visionary leader with expertise in transforming businesses. He has extensive experience with running boards, fundraising, strategic planning, and program development. Nate operates on his personal strategy ‘Total Engaged Teamwork.’ He strives to create unity and collaboration to close gaps that separate groups of people, ultimately hoping to better society and the organizations he is involved in. He currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and State Government Affairs for Eli and Lilly Company and holds several board positions.



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!mpact Magazine is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.