Adult Literacy = Crucial for Future Generations — Nora Crouch

Nora Crouch is a former Fortune 500 Chief Accounting Officer, has served on boards and audit committees, and is a qualified financial expert. Nora combines her broad financial expertise with her strong strategic oversight capability. She has successfully served on private company boards and has held leadership positions on a number of non-profit boards.

Nora shares her experience at the READ Center where she served as a member of the board of directors, and board president for two years. Nora has a personal attachment to the mission of the READ center as well, an organization that aims to help adults improve their lives through literacy.

Watch what Nora has to say in this video, or read an excerpt below.

Nora Crouch — Adult Literacy is Crucial for Future Generations

“I’m really very excited to be able to talk about the READ center, an organization that is near and dear to my heart. The READ Center is a local non-profit organization that helps adults improve their lives through literacy. I’ve been associated with this wonderful organization for over eight-years, as a member of the board of directors, and most recently served a two-year stint as the board president. Because of my personal experiences, I was able to quickly relate to, and understand the challenge associated with our core mission.

“I’ve been able to directly observe the struggles met by adults who are unable to read. In fact, one of those adults was m father. People are often surprised when they hear that- because of my educational background, and because of my professional success. They’re not wrong to feel that way. In fact, my experience is not typical of most children whose parents are unable to read. Statistics show that a parent’s literacy level has a direct impact on their child’s educational success. To be specific, these children have a 72% chance of becoming low literate adults themselves. These statistics also show the importance of literacy in our current generation, as well as future generations. That is why the mission of the READ center is so important to me.

“At the READ Center we provide more than just an education, we also provide a supportive community for our students to let go of their shame and their embarrassment and to achieve individually set personal goals for improving their lives. The courage and the commitment of our students warm my heart and drive my passion for this wonderful organization.”

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