Personal Branding: More Than an Elevator Speech- Aarushi Kapoor

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Aarushi Kapoor, Brand Evangelist

One’s personal brand is an overarching concept which engulfs almost every aspect of one's self- social, professional, academic and communicative. Establishing a personal brand that draws individuals and organizations towards you is a new-age skill that has taken over almost every industry. The concept of “influencers” is evidence of how building a personal brand can allow you to connect with an audience in really any which way. The concept intrigues me. As mentioned in the attached article, posts from “influencers” are flushed all over every digital platform, making them unavoidable. They are relatable, charismatic and cater to specific audiences which range from beauty fanatics to sports fans. Their audiences feel extremely connected to them, so much so that they are even extremely invested in their personal lives. Influencers cater to such a loyal audience, that their “daily vlogs” (a video of a regular day in their lives) can muster up hundreds of thousands of views- it’s fascinating! I myself have been victim to this addiction of watching daily vlogs and have witnessed how the personal brand created by these influencers allows them to build up a huge following, sponsorships from big companies and partnerships with exciting brands. It really is a new age, effective form of branding and there is so much more to explore in the realm of the same!

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