The Importance of Reading, Professionally and Personally — Steven Maurice Clark

3 min readJan 8, 2024
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The pursuit of achieving remarkable success in life and adopting a lifelong learning mindset is paramount, and the path to attaining such an achievement begins with the profound act of reading. A gateway to uncharted intellectual territories, reading is a transformative journey that broadens mental horizons, unveils obscure perspectives, and transports individuals to distant realms. Within the boundless universe of books, narratives unfold, offering a myriad of experiences that foster empathy and spark creativity. The collective wisdom contained within the pages of a book is an invaluable asset that molds individuals into perpetual learners.

Recently, award-winning general and healthcare advocate, Steven Maurice Clark provided insight on the importance of reading and its impact on professional and personal growth. Steven emphasized how books serve as indispensable tools, cultivating the art of critical thinking and kindling the exchange of unique ideas.

Here is what Steven had to say —

“In order to reach high levels of success in life, you must be a lifelong learner — being a reader is the best way to accomplish this. Reading expands your mental horizons, introduces you to little-known perspectives, and exposes you to remote worlds, whether you’re reading fantasy, history, or anything in between.

Books are an unlimited universe of narratives, full of so many different experiences, and it expands your empathy and creativity by giving you a vision of how others live or lived. Sharing unique ideas, critically thinking, and understanding diverse points of view are important in any field — reading helps people develop their capabilities to do so. Reading any genre is valuable to your personal and professional development, and it helps you grow into being a creative, lifelong learner.

I’m part of a 30-person book club that has been a great source of learning, reflection, and deep discussions. In this fellowship, we’ve also had the opportunity to meet and discuss with many incredible authors, learning about the meanings within their work through their unique perspective. Personally, I like reading social science commentary and history, but the story I would recommend everyone to read is Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches. You might laugh at my choice being a children’s book, but it really has a timeless message of tolerance, about how irrelevant apparent differences really are.”

Thank you for your insight, Steven.




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