Maryann Bruce — Surviving and Thriving Through Crisis

[Republished from NACD Online]

Recently, a panel discussion took place at NACD’s Strategic Asset General Counsel event in New York. The panel focused on the personal and professional ramifications of a crisis and featured Miracle on the Hudson passenger and experienced public company director, Maryann Bruce; senior vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Spirit Airlines, Thomas Canfield; and Andrew Cole, co-president and board member at Sard Verbinnen & Co (SVC), a global strategic communications firm. Key takeaways from the discussion follow.

The right person at the helm is critical.

Having courage in a crisis is a must, and preparation can help

Put the corporation ahead of yourself.

Stick to the script in a crisis.

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Kimberly Simpson was the panel moderator. She is an NACD regional director, providing strategic support to NACD chapters. Simpson, a former general counsel, was a U.S. Marshall Memorial Fellow to Europe in 2005.

Maryann Bruce is an experienced corporate director and former Fortune 100 division President & CEO — Dynamic and Collaborative Leader

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