The Importance of Investing in Women — Richa Gupta

3 min readAug 26, 2022
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According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau’s Quarterly Workforce Indicators, in the third quarter of 2020 women in the United States earned 30% less than men and that pay gap increased with age. This report also indicates that while the number of women in the higher paying STEM industries is growing, they are still over-represented in lower wage jobs. For Women’s History Month, I was honored to be quoted in an Industry Today article that featured women from various areas of the tech sector. We were asked to share our experiences of being a woman in our industry in order to highlight the different paths each of us took. Here are a few excerpts from my segment:

“As a proud immigrant who was raised in a small city with limited resources and who came to this country from India with just $4,000, a suitcase and a big dream, Women’s History Month has a very personal meaning to me. Today, I’m Chief Human Resources Officer for a global employment platform that makes it easy to hire anyone, anywhere, no matter where they reside. I’ve witnessed how the acceptance of hiring talent remotely has been particularly and positively impactful for women. With newfound access to jobs, women do not have to leave the workforce in the significant numbers they did due to the pandemic sacrificing their professional and financial wellbeing. Families, and even communities, can stay intact.”

“We all know we have a long way to go towards equality for women worldwide, but I do believe that as the world of work continues to change and adapt to more remote work and autonomy, women (and all genders) will find that geography no longer dictates their destiny. I believe that if you include and offer chances to women in a variety of roles and fields globally, you automatically ensure global inclusivity.”

“At G-P, we believe that our culture of inclusion starts with the power of the purpose of our company; it is co-created by our Dream team for care, community and belonging; further nurtured by our leaders with empathy, empowerment, and trust; strengthen by listening and educating our teams; and supported by inclusive hiring and talent practices. We believe that if you chase inclusion, diversity follows. Together we must champion and celebrate the successes of women around the world who are achieving great things. Though we still have a long way to go in creating a more equal and just world, together is the only way we will get there. My advice for other women is to keep learning, keep networking, hone your skills and most importantly, trust yourself and your superpowers (yes, you have many!).”

To read the full Industry Today article on “Honoring Women’s History Month,” click here

About Richa Gupta: For the last two decades, Richa has helped organizations create and unlock their Talent practices, build strong global companies with a purpose and high-performing teams, curate workplaces for talent to thrive, and develop strong and empathetic leadership muscle. As Chief Human Resource Officer at Globalization Partners, she is leading all facets of their global workforce, while playing a key strategic role in scaling the company and culture to meet the surging demands of remote work across the globe.




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