The Importance of Relationships & Integrity in Healthcare Leadership - Patricia Golden Webb

2 min readFeb 23, 2023

As a dedicated leader in the healthcare industry, my extensive background in healthcare systems, succession planning, executive compensation, and mergers and acquisitions has helped me deliver results. I formerly served as senior executive vice president and chief administrative officer for CommonSpirit Health, one of the nation’s largest health systems. My result-driven approach to finding common grounds and establishing universal values has contributed to significant cost savings, mainly when applied to organizational design structures.

Follow the Brand Podcast is a podcast that focuses on brand development by utilizing its platform to speak with professionals about their careers and inspiring goals. Through the podcast, people can learn how to systemize their story, create and own their story, and use their brand to build better relationships and bring value to their business, relationships, and career in hopes of starting a business, moving up the corporate ladder, or tap into their full potential.

It was an honor to speak with Grant McGaugh on Follow the Brand Podcast. We were able to dive into topics such as relationships and integrity in healthcare leadership, diversity equity, inclusion initiatives, and key skill sets that will help one become a C-Suite executive for a major enterprise organization.

“The relationships are so key that you have the relationships of PBUR, your team, and the relationship you can establish with the people you are trying to come together with.”

“The difference now is, as we think about diversity, inclusion, and equity, it’s about, not only do we need to get people to have a workforce that is indicative of the community that the organization is serving but how do you ensure that within that, that people feel a part of the organization?”

“You can’t get the experience if you don’t get the opportunities.”

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