The quest to inspire women to step up to leadership positions — Anouk Pappers

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Anouk Pappers — Founder CoolBrands Women — Brand Anthropologist

I set off on a global quest in search of women who are taking the lead, who are inspiring other women and opening up new paths for the young generation to step up to leadership positions. And I found many. Some of them are featured in the new edition of ‘Around the World in 80 Brands’ but this is just the start.
During my trip around the world to gather stories from ‘people with a vision’, I found more and more women with good stories.

By talking to them about their leadership style and how they take on the challenges they face, it became increasingly clear that things are changing.

The past decades have been dominated by male leadership, which has undeniably brought us many good things. But it’s time for change. The world needs a new vision in which caring, inclusiveness and empathy play a central role, and where people are encouraged to take and share responsibility for their actions.

During my conversations with women leaders, I noticed that many have started their own company, which allows them to organize their workday as it suits them. If you work at a high level in a male-oriented company, there is often no space to take care of your children, your parents or your partner. In your own company, you can accommodate these responsibilities and make sure that you can combine caring for your loved ones with nurturing your business.

I see it as my responsibility to help women craft their story. I can help them find their uniqueness, their strong points. I write stories around this uniqueness so that they can celebrate their differences.

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