This is Personal: A Life-long Dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — Nikki Rogers with guest Dr. Roberta Wilburn

3 min readMar 30, 2022
Nikki Rogers

Nikki Rogers, a transformation coach, is passionate about connections. As a connector of people, ideas, and visions, her goal is to have an impact and pave paths for the future. Her work helps others, and she is fascinated with creating sustainable businesses that become valuable assets for their owners. Nikki is the host of a podcast, Women Thriving in Business, and in this episode she is in conversation with Dr. Roberta Wilburn.

Dr. Roberta Wilburn is the President and co-founder of Wilburn & Associates, LLC. She is an accomplished, highly recognized, trainer, conducting workshops and presentations for workers, teachers, and agencies on cultural responsiveness and sensitivity practices in the workplace. She is a champion for marginalized people and understands the daunting challenges facing women in business. As such, Dr. Wilburn is a wonderful fit for another of the Women Thriving in Business Podcast. She shared a great deal of her story and passions with Nikki in Episode 106.

Dr. Wilburn had a life changing experience with racial discrimination and marginalization when she was in sixth grade. An elderly white woman she was trying to help cursed at her profanely — even using the N word. This devastating moment set Dr. Wilburn on the path to helping the underprivileged. She spent a good part of her professional life in the field of education. Her work in special education and teaching in higher education led to teaching cultural coursework. Her reputation grew, and before long organizations were reaching out to her for training within their organizations.

This blossomed into a full fledged business. She was driven forward by her passion, her desire to bring a better, just world to her grandchildren, and also her Christian faith. She continually sought to refine her own skills and knowledge, and a breast cancer diagnosis of five years to live only pushed her to continue her amazing work long after retirement from education.

Dr. Wilburn had to reinvent herself and her business to accommodate the online realities of remote learning and teaching during the Covid pandemic. She is proud of actually thriving through such difficult times. She has faced many challenges as a woman in business in a space dominated by males. She emphasizes the need to speak up for yourself, and significantly, to network, always expanding your “circle of influence,” pushing yourself to be around others different than you, supportive of you, and at a higher level than you. It is critical to build this kind of network and grow your circle. Another piece of advice from Dr. Wilburn is self-care, especially for women. It is important to have time for reflection, thinking, and focusing on yourself.

Nikki could certainly relate to that as she, herself, does a five-minute setting practice with a timer, taking five minutes to sit — and do nothing.

Dr. Wilburn is a living example that women can not only succeed in business but also thrive. Her tireless efforts in assisting the marginalized and underprivileged are a shining example to those who follow her lead in the amazing world that is: women in business.

You can listen to the full podcast here.


About Nikki: Nikki Rogers is a transformation coach assisting people and organizations to grow and become sustainable entities. She is an experienced management consultant that works to bridge gaps and create opportunities for all. Nikki supports strategic visions to co-create success with other leaders




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