Micro-aggressions and how to avoid them - Tonie Leatherberry

Micro-aggression is defined as an action or statement regarded as indirect or subtle discrimination against members of a racial or ethnic minority. Micro-aggressions surround us, but their subtlety often makes them hard to comprehend. I recently read an article:
Things people think are fine to say at work- but are actually racist, sexist, or offensive.’
The article articulates how society often unintentionally portray bias, prejudice and discrimination.

As a believer in the power of lifelong learning, I think learning to identify and be able to avoid micro-aggressions is a process which never ends. One must be constantly aware and engaged to realize the underlying meaning of the words they may speak. Unintentional comments can often create a toxic, uncomfortable environment. These comments are often vague — causing the recipient to feel mildly insulted and confused. Hence, learning about people’s background and knowing what is appropriate is crucial.

2020 was a year of racial upheaval, with America at the epicenter. A lot of wrong took place, but the number of people who came out to support all communities was inspiring. A year of introspection, ambiguity, and insight, we have entered 2021 strong and wiser. It is high time we all learn about micro-aggressions and how to avoid them.

In the article are examples like:
“When a white colleague tells a colleague of color ‘You’re so articulate’ or ‘You speak so well,’ the remark suggests that they assumed the person in question would be less articulate — and are surprised to find out they aren’t,”

Is that your real hair?’ Receiving comments about one’s natural hair is a frequent struggle for African-American women in particular.

Tonie Leatherberry - Strategic Technologist

Micro-aggressions and how to avoid them -




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!mpact Magazine is a platform where people with a vision can share their ideas and insights.

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