Trusted advisor, innovative thinker - Derek Queisser de Stockalper

2 min readSep 21, 2020


I am a creative innovator who enjoys new challenges. I have an established track record with work I’ve done in the sustainable, alternative, and impact investment fields.

Other areas of interest include exploring thematic mental models, thematic investment strategies, ESG-SDG private equity, ESG-SDG hedge funds, blockchain technology, impact investing, and monetary systems.

Trusted Advisor

Using a combination of financial investment, industrial strategy, and innovation management skills, I’ve gained expertise working with numerous private, publicly-traded, and family-owned organizations.

I’ve helped NextGen and institutional investors, academic institutions, digital communities, governments, and media with “out-of-the-box” solutions for creating a more sustainable future.

Research Driven Results

My work in proprietary research, analytics, and development helped me facilitate the emergence of a profound, impactful, regenerative, productive, and social economy that places me in a unique position to create new narratives and engage in rich storytelling.

Using an analytical framework and exploring innovative investment products and solutions, I’m passionate about developing a niche or at-scale market-based solution to address pressing environmental and social challenges while making a profit in a low-yield environment.

Renowned Author

As a renowned author, titles I’ve published include:

  • Reciprocity in the Third Millennium: Money or The Structure of Socio-economic Evolution — Geopolitics and New Social Rules — Book II
  • Reciprocity in the Third Millennium: Money or the Structure of Socio-economic Evolution — Loss of Values — Book I

Digital Economist

I believe that progress often comes from unexpected and uncomfortable circumstances. In the financial world, my work has made substantial impacts by initiating and supporting the development of novel Fintech and Impact Investment solutions. These advancements have helped to facilitate the emergence of a more balanced and inclusive financial system.

My next goal is to develop a fully-fledged Impact 2.0 investment management firm — or boutique environmental bank that accelerates the emergence of a regenerative economy.




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