Discussing DEI strategies in Inclusion Magazine— Tyronne Stoudemire

3 min readNov 17, 2021
Tyronne Stoudemire

Tyronne Stoudemire leads the charge on implementing diverse and inclusive practices through his work. He is a facilitator of creating globally inclusive and culturally competent workplaces. A global DEI thought leader, he is the vice president of global diversity, equity and inclusion at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. He collaborates with senior leadership teams to implement culture, talent, and marketplace strategies that leverage diversity and inclusion across the brand’s portfolio.

He was recently featured in Inclusion Magazine to discuss the DEI strategies implemented in his two-decade long career. He highlights the importance of equity in hospitality and the challenges faced by hotels in the post-COVID-19 world.

“The practice of empathy is critically important as colleagues learn about others’ experiences. While these dialogues may be challenging, we must push ourselves out of our comfort zones for real change to happen.”

When discussing the fatigue associated with, and speed of work required to increase equity at Hyatt, he says, “Each Change Starts Here. Commitment — who we employ, develop, and advance; who we support; and who we buy from and work with — includes actionable 2025 goals that are designed to accelerate our DEI efforts. These priority areas help our team to focus their efforts on areas where we can have the most impact.”

He talks about the importance of communication and accountability in driving change, specifically in the case of DEI.

“At Hyatt, in addition to sharing their workforce data, goals, and progress to date this year, we have recently built on our existing practice of tying an­nual incentives to DEl progress and announced in 2020 that we are linking executive stock compensation via our Performance Share Unit (PSU) Plan to achievement of our goals.”

“Additionally, we know that our actions can cause a ripple effect — colleagues must be able to bring their true and authentic selves to work each day so they can care for our guests and provide welcoming environments. If we apply this concept of a ripple effect, we can drive widespread change together.”

He also highlights some challenges faced by corporate diversity and inclusion leaders, like himself, in the coming years.

“The lack of representation of Black leaders in the hospitality industry and, more specifically, the fact that Black individuals suffer some of the highest rates of unemployment are just two of the many reasons why we must be very intentional in supporting Black people and people of color and actively involved in creating widespread change across our work­force, industry, and communities.”




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