Running Over Roadblocks - Tyronne Stoudemire

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


In any sense of the term, roadblocks stop movement and progression.

In today’s society, specifically while discussing difficult topics, people experience conversational roadblocks.

The Catalyst: Workplaces that Work for Women organization defined conversational roadblocks as, “assumptions, attitudes, or experiences that keep us from talking about our differences — can prevent us from connecting, collaborating, and countering stereotypes and exclusionary practices. Acknowledging and then addressing these roadblocks can help you better understand deep-rooted issues and overcome challenges that would otherwise remain unsolved, buried, or unspoken.”

Catalyst lists some conversational roadblock examples such as denying an issue, fearing consequences and doubting the benefits of a conversation.

Tyronne Stoudemire, a widely-respected officer of DEI spoke on the Culture Moments Podcast and his provide clear guidance on these roadblocks and navigating the practice of DEI.

Have courage. Be courageous. Be curious. Look for ways to challenge the status quo and ask the questions. When you ask questions, it brings about change. So don’t be afraid to ask the questions, and don’t be afraid of the response. We’ve got to stop reacting, but start responding in ways that make a difference for all mankind. To be open to new ideas, open to new suggestions, and not to minimize their contribution. And to continue to network and to continue to partner with the right partners to move the organizations further along the continuum. You can’t do all things, you can’t be all things to all people. But those who have labored in this space, such as LCW and Dr. Mary-Frances Winters just wrote several books recently, “Black Fatigue”, looking at white fragility. Being experts in those things that others may never even dream of, I think will be important to the work.”



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